ISLAND INDUSTRIAL COATINGS LTD. offers full Powder Coating and Sand Blasting services in the complete range of RAL colours for any metal products and the coating or re-coating of any existing items. These items include (but are not limited to) car wheels, wheelchairs, garden furniture, and playground equipment, gates, custom fabricated items and motor bike frames.

The versatile properties of powder coating make it ideal for a variety of needs, both decorative & practical. Any metal capable of conducting electricity and able to withstand 400°F can be powder coated.

Most jobs are done within a few days, depending on your needs.

  • Huge selection of colors in stock – and custom colors to fit your any need.
  • Durable surface offers protection from the elements 3-5 times longer than paint!
  • Uniform coverage – minimal color fading – with a variety of textures and styles.
  • Our sandblasting service removes old paint, rust, grease ensuring a clean surface.
Powder coating is extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, solvents, corrosives, and general wear and tear. This durability makes powder coating a superior protective coating for all metal products.

Each piece brought to us is prepared through degreasing or sandblasting to ensure an absolutely clean surface ready for coating.

Sandblasting is one of the oldest and most widely-used methods for heavy-duty cleaning. Sandblasting is used for all kinds of applications, most commonly for removing paint and heavy rust from metal. We provide this service for the domestic and industrial markets.

Sandblasting can be used to etch smooth surfaces, allowing new paint to adhere effectively. It is also used to remove dirt, oil and other unwanted residue from all kinds of surfaces.

Why Choose Us

  • Cost effective
  • Advanced Tools & Equipment
  • Unlimited color options with a backed color picker, including the gradients
  • Innovative

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